Il dolce rumore della vita

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Joy is: giving more and more and feeding life. Nothing else matters. Le parole del titolo sono tratte da questa breve poesia di Sandro Penna: 'Io vivere vorrei addormentato/entro il dolce rumore della vita..'
English translation of the song:
A house in the sky, a garden in the sea
A lark on your chest, a start all over again
A wish of stars, sparrow's heartbeat
An island in your bed, a sunset
Time and silence, shots and songs
Skies and kisses, voice and grief
To be born in your laughter, to grow in your weeping
To live on your back, to die in your arms
La canzone è cantata da Cesária Évora
Time and silence, shots and songs, skies and kisses, voice and grief...
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