Ovnimoon - Love Is The Key

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Artist: Ovnimoon
Title: Magnetic Portal
Label: Ovnimoon Records
Genre: Progressive Psy, Psytrance
Date: May 2011
"Love is the key.
The present technology on Earth, will only develop to a certain extent, because Mankind does not yet understand that Love is necessary.
Energy can take all forms of creativity, but when one is dealing with greed or hatred, or any emotion that is not working towards Light, one is only allowed to go so far.
There is only so much information that is available to that sort of vibration.
Love is the basic building block, so when one has Love, all possibilities exist.
We are here to assist, to teach and evolve as we go through this process together. We give our version of things, only to bring you into higher consciousness.
No matter what situation you find yourself in, it is the power of your thoughts that got you there.
It is also the impeccable belief that thought creates, that will transform your experience, and the planetary existence."
Bringers of the Dawn [channeling from the Pleiadians
3025 giorni fa